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    • Schmuker M, Kupper R, Aertsen A, Wachtler T, Gewaltig M-O
      Feed-forward and noise-tolerant detection of feature homogeneity in spiking networks with a latency code.
      2021 Biol Cybern, volume: 115, pages: 161 - 176

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    • Eriksson D, Schneck M, Schneider A, Coulon P, Diester I
      A starting kit for training and establishing in vivo electrophysiology, intracranial pharmacology, and optogenetics.
      2020 J Neurosci Methods, volume: 336, issue: 108636, pages: 1 - 12

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    • Saggio ML, Crisp D, Scott JM, Karoly P, Kuhlmann L, Nakatani M, Murai T, Dümpelmann M, Schulze-Bonhage A, Ikeda A, Cook M, Gliske SV, Lin J, Bernard C, Jirsa V, Stacey WC
      A taxonomy of seizure dynamotypes.
      2020 Elife, volume: 9, page: e55632
    • Grandjean J, Canella C, Anckaerts C, Ayrancı G, Bougacha S, Bienert T, Buehlmann D, Coletta L, Gallino D, Gass N, et al.
      Common functional networks in the mouse brain revealed by multi-centre resting-state fMRI analysis.
      2020 Neuroimage, volume: 205, issue: 116278, pages: 1 - 11

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    • Zaveri HP, Schelter B, Schevon CA, Jiruska P, Jefferys JGR, Worrell G, Schulze-Bonhage A, Joshi RB, Jirsa V, Goodfellow M, Meisel C, Lehnertz K
      Controversies on the network theory of epilepsy: Debates held during the ICTALS 2019 conference.
      2020 Seizure-eur J Epilep, volume: 78, issue: 5, pages: 78 - 85
    • Özcan OO, Wang X, Binda F, Dorgans K, de Zeeuw C, Gao Z, Aertsen A, Kumar A, Isope P
      Differential coding strategies in glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons in the medial cerebellar nucleus
      2020 JNeurosci, volume: 40, issue: 1, pages: 159 - 170
    • Kim CM, Egert U, Kumar A
      Dynamics of multiple interacting excitatory and inhibitory populations with delays
      2020 Phys Rev E, volume: 102, page: 022308
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    • Wiegel P, Kurz A, Leukel C
      Evidence that distinct human primary motor cortex circuits control discrete and rhythmic movements
      2020 J Physiol-london, volume: 598, pages: 1 - 6
    • Rezaei H, Aertsen A, Kumar A, Validazeh A
      Facilitating the propagation of spiking activity in feedforward networks by including feedback
      2020 Plos Comput Biol, volume: 16, issue: 8, pages: 1 - 27

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    • Karoly PJ, Cook MJ, Maturana M, Nurse ES, Payne D, Brinkmann BH, Grayden DB, Dumanis SB, Richardson MP, Worrell GA, Schulze-Bonhage A, Kuhlmann L, Freestone DR
      Forecasting cycles of seizure likelihood.
      2020 Epilepsia, volume: 61, issue: 4, pages: 776 - 786
    • Paschen E, Elgueta C, Heining K, Vieira DM, Kleis P, Orcinha C, Häussler U, Bartos M, Egert U, Janz P, Haas CA
      Hippocampal low-frequency stimulation prevents seizure generation in a mouse model of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy.
      2020 Elife, volume: 9, page: e54518

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    • Göbel-Guéniot K, Gerlach J, Kamberger R, Leupold J, von Elverfeldt D, Hennig J, Korvink JG, Haas CA, LeVan P
      Histological correlates of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance microscopy in a mouse model of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy.
      2020 Front Neurosci-switz, volume: 14, page: 543
    • Novitskaya Y, Dümpelmann M, Vlachos A, Reinacher PC, Schulze-Bonhage A
      In vivo-assessment of the human temporal network: Evidence for asymmetrical effective connectivity.
      2020 Neuroimage, volume: 214, issue: 116769, pages: 1 - 12
    • Gemein LAW, Schirrmeister RT, Chrabaszcz P, Wilson D, Boedecker J, Schulze-Bonhage A, Hutter F, Ball T
      Machine-Learning-Based Diagnostics of EEG Pathology.
      2020 Neuroimage, volume: 220, page: 117021

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    • Rosskothen-Kuhl N, Buck AN, Li K, Schnupp JW
      Microsecond Interaural Time Difference Discrimination Restored by Cochlear Implants After Neonatal Deafness.
      2020 BioRxiv, pages: 1 - 25

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    • Boehler C, Vieira DM, Egert U, Asplund M
      NanoPt—a nanostructured electrode coating for neural recording and microstimulation
      2020 ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, volume: 12, pages: 14855 - 14865
    • Sheikh BN, Guhathakurta S, Tsang TH, Schwabenland M, Renschler G, Herquel B, Bhardwaj V, Holz H, Stehle T, Bondareva O, et al.
      Neural metabolic imbalance induced by MOF dysfunction triggers pericyte activation and breakdown of vasculature.
      2020 Nat Cell Biol, volume: 22, pages: 828 - 841
    • Donkels C, Peters M, Farina Nunez MT, Nakagawa J, Kirsch M, Vlachos A, Scheiwe C, Schulze-Bonhage A, Prinz M, Beck J, Haas CA
      Oligodendrocyte lineage and myelination are compromised in the gray matter of focal cortical dysplasia type IIa.
      2020 Epilepsia, volume: 61, issue: 1, pages: 171 - 184
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    • Sadeghi Najafabadi M, Longtu C, Dutta K, Norris A, Feng B, Schnupp JW, Rosskothen-Kuhl N, Read H, Escabi M
      Optimal Multichannel Artifact Prediction and Removal for Brain Machine Interfaces and Neural Prosthetics.
      2020 Front Neurosci-switz, pages: 1 - 35

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    • Paschen E, Elgueta C, Heining K, Vieira D, Orcinha C, Häussler U, Bartos M, Egert U, Janz P, Haas CA
      Optogenetic low-frequency stimulation of dentate granule cells prevents seizure generation in experimental epilepsy.
      2020 BioRxiv, pages: 1 - 50
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    • Herweg NA, Sharan AD, Sperling MR, Brandt A, Schulze-Bonhage A, Kahana MJ
      Reactivated spatial context guides episodic recall.
      2020 J Neurosci, volume: 40, issue: 10, pages: 2119 - 2128

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    • Karvat G, Schneider A, Alyahyay M, Steenbergen F, Tangermann M, Diester I
      Real-time detection of neural oscillation bursts allows behaviourally relevant neurofeedback.
      2020 Nature Communications Biology, volume: 3, page: 72
    • Wiegel P, Leukel C
      Training of a discrete motor skill in humans is accompanied by increased excitability of the fastest corticospinal connections at movement onset
      2020 The Journal of Physiology, volume: 598, pages: 1 - 16

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    • Zimmermann C, Schneider A, Alyahyay M, Brox T, Diester I
      freiPose: A deep learning framework for precise animal motion capture in 3D spaces.
      2020 BioRxiv, pages: 1 - 38
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    • Lachner-Piza D, Jacobs J, Bruder JC, Schulze-Bonhage A, Stieglitz T, Duempelmann M
      utomatic detection of high-frequency-oscillations and their sub-groups co-occurring with interictal-epileptic-spikes.
      2020 J Neural Eng, page: 016030


    • Wülfing J, Kumar S, Boedecker J, Riedmiller M, Egert U
      Adaptive Long-term Control of Biological Neural Networks with Deep Reinforcement Learning
      2019 Neurocomputing, volume: 342, pages: 66 - 74

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    • Koch S, Mueller S, Foddis M, Bienert T, von Elverfeldt D, Knab F, Farr TD, Bernard R, Dopatka M, Rex A, et al.
      Atlas registration for edema-corrected MRI lesion volume in mouse stroke models.
      2019 J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, volume: 39, pages: 313 - 323

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    • Mehring C, Akselrod M, Bashford L, Mace M, Choi H, Bluher M, Buschhoff AS, Pistohl T, Salomon R, Cheah A, Blanke O, Serino A, Burdet E
      Augmented manipulation ability in humans with six-fingered hands.
      2019 Nat Commun, volume: 10, issue: 1, pages: 2401 - 2401
    • Lagzi F, Atay FM, Rotter S
      Bifurcation analysis of the dynamics of interacting subnetworks of a spiking network.
      2019 Sci Rep-uk, volume: 9, issue: 1, pages: 11397 - 11397
    • Heining K, Kilias A, Janz P, Häussler U, Kumar A, Haas CA, Egert U
      Bursts with high and low load of epileptiform spikes show context-dependent correlations in epileptic mice.
      2019 eNeuro, volume: 6, issue: 5, pages: 1 - 14

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    • Filipovic M, Ketzef M, Reig R, Aertsen A, Silberberg G, Kumar A
      Direct Pathway Neurons in Mouse Dorsolateral Striatum In Vivo Receive Stronger Synaptic Input than Indirect Pathway Neurons.
      2019 J Neurophysiol
    • Lachner-Piza D, Jacobs J, Schulze-Bonhage A, Stieglitz T, Dumpelmann M
      Estimation of the epileptogenic-zone with HFO sub-groups exhibiting various levels of epileptogenicity.
      2019 Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, pages: 2543 - 2546
    • Kurz A, Leukel C
      Excitability of Upper Layer Circuits Relates to Torque Output in Humans
      2019 Front Hum Neurosci, volume: 13, pages: 1 - 9
    • Tulke S, Haas CA, Häussler U
      Expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and structural plasticity in the dentate gyrus and CA2 region correlate with epileptiform activity.
      2019 Epilepsia, volume: 60, pages: 1234 - 1247
    • Spreizer S, Aertsen A, Kumar A
      From space to time: Spatial inhomogeneities lead to the emergence of spatiotemporal sequences in spiking neuronal networks.
      2019 Plos Comput Biol, volume: 15, issue: 10, pages: e1007432 - e1007432
    • De La Crompe B, Coulon P, Diester I
      Functional interrogation of neural circuits with virally transmitted optogenetic tools.
      2019 J Neurosci Meth, volume: 345, issue: 108905, pages: 1 - 15
    • Schönberger J, Birk N, Lachner-Piza D, Dümpelmann M, Schulze-Bonhage A, Jacobs J
      High-frequency oscillations mirror severity of human temporal lobe seizures.
      2019 Ann Clin Transl Neur, volume: 6, issue: 12, pages: 2479 - 2488

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    • Kunz L, Wang L, Lachner-Piza D, Zhang H, Brandt A, Dumpelmann M, Reinacher PC, Coenen VA, Chen D, Wang WX, Zhou W, Liang S, Grewe P, Bien CG, Bierbrauer A, Navarro Schroder T, Schulze-Bonhage A, Axmacher N
      Hippocampal theta phases organize the reactivation of large-scale electrophysiological representations during goal-directed navigation.
      2019 Sci Adv, volume: 5, issue: 17, pages: eaav8192 - eaav8192
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    • Okujeni S, Egert U
      Inhomogeneities in Network Structure and Excitability Govern Initiation and Propagation of Spontaneous Burst Activity.
      2019 Front Neurosci-switz, volume: 13, pages: 543 - 543
    • Alexander DM, Ball T, Schulze-Bonhage A, van Leeuwen C
      Large-scale cortical travelling waves predict localized future cortical signals.
      2019 Plos Comput Biol, volume: 15, issue: 11, page: e1007316
    • Schwabenland M, Mossad O, Peres AG, Kessler F, Maron FJM, Harsan LA, Bienert T, von Elverfeldt D, Knobeloch KP, Staszewski O, et al.
      Loss of USP18 in microglia induces white matter pathology.
      2019 Acta Neuropathol Commun, volume: 7, page: 106
    • Li K, Chan CHK, Rajendrana VG, Rosskothen-Kuhl N, Schnupp JWH
      Microsecond Interaural Time Difference Sensitivity In Rats.
      2019 JASA, volume: EL341, pages: 1 - 37
    • Jakob TF, Illing RB, Rosskothen-Kuhl N
      Monaural Neonatal Deafness Induces Inhibition among Bilateral Auditory Networks under Binaural Activation.
      2019 Neuroscience, volume: 400, pages: 1 - 16
    • Lu H, Gallinaro J, Rotter S
      Network remodeling induced by transcranial brain stimulation: A computational model of tDCS-triggered cell assembly formation
      2019 Network Neuroscience, volume: 3, issue: 4, pages: 924 - 943

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    • Kurz A, Xu W, Wiegel P, Leukel C, N Baker S
      Non-invasive assessment of superficial and deep layer circuits in human motor cortex.
      2019 J Physiol-london, volume: 597, issue: 12, pages: 2975 - 2991
    • Merkt B, Schussler F, Rotter S
      Propagation of orientation selectivity in a spiking network model of layered primary visual cortex.
      2019 Plos Comput Biol, volume: 15, issue: 7, pages: e1007080 - e1007080
    • Böhm T, Joseph K, Kirsch M, Moroni R, Hilger A, Osenberg M, Manke I, Johnston M, Stieglitz T, Hofmann UG, Haas CA, Thiele S
      Quantitative synchrotron X‐ray tomography of the material‐tissue interface in rat cortex implanted with neural probes.
      2019 Sci Rep-uk, volume: 9, page: 7646
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    • Okujeni S, Egert U
      Self-organization of modular network architecture by activity-dependent neuronal migration and outgrowth
      2019 Elife, volume: 8, page: e47996
    • Eriksson D, Heiland M, Schneider A, Diester I
      Slow and fast cortical dynamics distinguish motor planning and execution.
      2019 BioRxiv, pages: 1 - 31

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    • Panser, K, Tirian, L, Schulze, F, Villalba, S, Jefferis, G, Bühler, K, Straw, A
      Automatic segmentation of Drosophila neural compartments using GAL4 expression data reveals novel visual pathways.
      2016 Curr Biol, volume: 26, issue: 15, pages: 1943 - 1954

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    • Kumar, SS, Wülfing, J, Okujeni, S, Boedecker, J, Riedmiller, M, Egert, U
      Autonomous Optimization of Targeted Stimulation of Neuronal Networks.
      2016 Plos Comput Biol, volume: 12, issue: 8, page: e1005054

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    • Kraus, D, Naros, G, Bauer, R, Leão, MT, Ziemann, U, Gharabaghi, A
      Brain-robot interface driven plasticity: Distributed modulation of corticospinal excitability.
      2016 Neuroimage, volume: 125, pages: 522 - 532

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    • Weidel, P, Djurfeldt, M, Duarte, RC, Morrison, A
      Closed Loop Interactions between Spiking Neural Network and Robotic Simulators Based on MUSIC and ROS.
      2016 Front Neuroinform, volume: 10, issue: 31, pages: 1 - 10

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    • Mechling AE, Arefin T, Lee HL, Bienert T, Reisert M, Ben Hamida S, Darcq E, Ehrlich A, Gaveriaux-Ruff C, Parent MJ, Rosa-Neto P, Hennig J, von Elverfeldt D, Kieffer BL, Harsan LA
      Deletion of the mu opioid receptor gene in mice reshapes the reward-aversion connectome.
      2016 P Natl Acad Sci Usa, volume: 113, issue: 41, pages: 11603 - 11608
    • Sahasranamam A, Vlachos I, Aertsen A, Kumar A
      Dynamical state of the network determines the efficacy of single neuron properties in shaping the network activity.
      2016 Sci Rep-uk, volume: 6, pages: 26029 - 26029
    • Chua, Y, Morrison, A
      Effects of calcium spikes in the layer 5 pyramidal neuron on coincidence detection and activity propagation.
      2016 Front Comput Neurosci., volume: 10, page: 76

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    • Fiederer LD, Lahr J, Vorwerk J, Lucka F, Aertsen A, Wolters CH, Schulze-Bonhage A, Ball T
      Electrical Stimulation of the Human Cerebral Cortex by Extracranial Muscle Activity: Effect Quantification With Intracranial EEG and FEM Simulations.
      2016 Ieee T Bio-med Eng, volume: 63, issue: 12, pages: 2552 - 2563
    • Ni, J, Wunderle, T, Lewis, C, Desimone, R, Diester, I, Fries, P
      Gamma-Rhythmic Gain Modulation.
      2016 Neuron, volume: 92, issue: 1, pages: 240 - 251

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    • Bikis, C, Janz, P, Schulz, G, Schweighauser, G, Hench, J, Thalmann, P, Deyhle, H, Chicherova, N, Rack, A, Khimchenko, A, Hieber, S, Mariani, L, Haas, C, Müller, B
      High-resolution synchrotron radiation-based phase tomography of the healthy and epileptic brain.
      2016 Developments in X-Ray Tomography, volume: 996706

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    • Jovanovic S, Rotter S
      Interplay between Graph Topology and Correlations of Third Order in Spiking Neuronal Networks.
      2016 Plos Comput Biol, volume: 12, issue: 6, pages: e1004963 - e1004963
    • Hassler, C, Guy, J, Nietzschmann, M, Plachta, D, Staiger, J, Stieglitz, T
      Intracortical polyimide electrodes with a bioresorbable coating.
      2016 Biomed Microdevices, volume: 18, issue: 5, page: 81

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    • Egger, K, Janz, P, Döbrössy, M, Bienert, T, Reisert, M, Obmann, M, Glauche, V, Haas, C, Harsan, L, Urbach, H, von Elverfeldt, D
      Microstructural effects of a neuro-modulating drug evaluated by diffusion tensor imaging.
      2016 Neuroimage, volume: 127, pages: 1 - 10

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    • Häussler, U, Rinas, K, Kilias, A, Egert, U, Haas, C
      Mossy fiber sprouting and pyramidal cell dispersion in the hippocampal CA2 region in a mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy.
      2016 Hippocampus, volume: 26, issue: 5, pages: 577 - 588
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    • Kast, V, Leukel, C
      Motor Experts Care about Consistency and Are Reluctant to Change Motor Outcome.
      2016 Plos One, volume: 11, issue: 8, page: e0161798

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    • Bashford L, Mehring C
      Ownership and Agency of an Independent Supernumerary Hand Induced by an Imitation Brain-Computer Interface.
      2016 Plos One, volume: 11, issue: 6, pages: e0156591 - e0156591
    • Bashford, L, Mehring, C
      Ownership and Agency of an Independent Supernumerary Hand Induced by an Imitation Brain-Computer Interface.
      2016 Plos One, volume: 11, issue: 6, page: e0156591

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    • Gerlach, J, Donkels, C, Münzner, G, Haas, CA
      Persistent Gliosis Interferes with Neurogenesis in Organotypic Hippocampal Slice Cultures.
      2016 Front Cell Neurosci, volume: 10, page: 131

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    • Hammer J, Pistohl T, Fischer J, Krsek P, Tomasek M, Marusic P, Schulze-Bonhage A, Aertsen A, Ball T
      Predominance of Movement Speed Over Direction in Neuronal Population Signals of Motor Cortex: Intracranial EEG Data and A Simple Explanatory Model.
      2016 Cereb Cortex, volume: 26, issue: 6, pages: 2863 - 2881
    • Kremkow J, Perrinet LU, Monier C, Alonso JM, Aertsen A, Fregnac Y, Masson GS
      Push-Pull Receptive Field Organization and Synaptic Depression: Mechanisms for Reliably Encoding Naturalistic Stimuli in V1.
      2016 Front Neural Circuit, volume: 10, pages: 37 - 37
    • Vlachos I, Deniz T, Aertsen A, Kumar A
      Recovery of Dynamics and Function in Spiking Neural Networks with Closed-Loop Control.
      2016 Plos Comput Biol, volume: 12, issue: 2, pages: e1004720 - e1004720
    • Orcinha, C, Münzner, G, Gerlach, J, Kilias, A, Follo, M, Egert, U, Haas, CA
      Seizure-Induced Motility of Differentiated Dentate Granule Cells Is Prevented by the Central Reelin Fragment.
      2016 Front Cell Neurosci, volume: 10 , issue: 183, pages: 1 - 13

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    • Garcia-Cossio, E, Witkowski, M, Robinson, SE, Cohen, LG, Birbaumer, N, Soekadar, SR
      Simultaneous transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and whole-head magnetoencephalography (MEG): assessing the impact of tDCS on slow cortical magnetic fields.
      2016 Neuroimage, volume: 140, pages: 33 - 40

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    • Janz P, Savanthrapadian S, Haussler U, Kilias A, Nestel S, Kretz O, Kirsch M, Bartos M, Egert U, Haas CA
      Synaptic Remodeling of Entorhinal Input Contributes to an Aberrant Hippocampal Network in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.
      2016 Cereb Cortex
    • Kellmeyer, P, Cochrane, T, Müller, O, Mitchell, C, Ball, T, Fins, J, Biller-Andorno, N
      The Effects of Closed-Loop Medical Devices on the Autonomy and Accountability of Persons and Systems.
      2016 Camb Q Healthc Ethic, volume: 25, issue: 4, pages: 623 - 633

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    • Mutschler, I, Ball, T, Kirmse, U, Wieckhorst, B, Pluess, M, Klarhöfer, M, Meyer, A, Wilhelm, F, Seifritz, E
      The Role of the Subgenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Amygdala in Environmental Sensitivity to Infant Crying.
      2016 Plos One, volume: 11, issue: 8, page: e0161181

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    • Fiederer LD, Vorwerk J, Lucka F, Dannhauer M, Yang S, Dumpelmann M, Schulze-Bonhage A, Aertsen A, Speck O, Wolters CH, Ball T
      The role of blood vessels in high-resolution volume conductor head modeling of EEG.
      2016 Neuroimage, volume: 128, pages: 193 - 208
    • Belić, JJ, Halje, P, Richter, U, Petersson, P, Kotaleski, JH
      Untangling cortico-striatal connectivity and cross-frequency coupling in L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia.
      2016 Front Syst Neurosci, volume: 10, page: 26

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    • Milekovic, T, Mehring, C
      Variance Based Measure for Optimization of Parametric Realignment Algorithms.
      2016 Plos One, volume: 11, page: e0153773

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    • Chander, BS, Witkowski, M, Braun, C, Robinson, SE, Born, J, Cohen, LG, Birbaumer, N, Soekadar, SR
      tACS Phase Locking of Frontal Midline Theta Oscillations Disrupts Working Memory Performance.
      2016 Front Cell Neurosci, volume: 10, page: 20

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    • Heizmann, s, Kilias, A, Okujeni, S, Boehler, C, Ruther, P, Egert, U, Asplund,
      Accurate neuronal tracing of microelectrodes based on PEDOT-dye coatings
      2015 IEEE Access, pages: 386 - 389

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    • Gharabaghi A
      Activity-dependent brain stimulation and robot-assisted movements for use-dependent plasticity.
      2015 Clin Neurophysiol, volume: 126, issue: 5, pages: 853 - 854
    • Soekadar SR, Witkowski M, Vitiello N, Birbaumer N
      An EEG/EOG-based hybrid brain-neural computer interaction (BNCI) system to control an exoskeleton for the paralyzed hand.
      2015 Biomed Tech, volume: 60, issue: 3, pages: 199 - 205
    • Bedner, P, Dupper, A, Hüttmann, K, Müller, J, Herde, M, Dublin, P, Deshpande, T, Schramm, J, Häussler, U, Haas, C, Henneberger, C, Theis, M, Steinhäuser, C
      Astrocyte uncoupling as a cause of human temporal lobe epilepsy.
      2015 Brain, volume: 138, pages: 1208 - 1222

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    • Taube, W, Mouthon, M, Leukel, C, Hoogewoud, H, Annoni, J, Keller, M
      Brain activity during observation and motor imagery of different balance tasks: an fMRI study.
      2015 Cortex, volume: 64, pages: 102 - 114

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    • Brauchle, D, Vukelić, M, Bauer, R, Gharabaghi, A
      Brain state-dependent robotic reaching movement with a multi-joint arm exoskeleton: combining brain-machine interfacing and robotic rehabilitation.
      2015 Front Hum Neurosci, volume: 9, page: 564

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    • Bauer R, Fels M, Vukelic M, Ziemann U, Gharabaghi A
      Bridging the gap between motor imagery and motor execution with a brain-robot interface.
      2015 Neuroimage, volume: 108, pages: 319 - 327
    • Weichwald, S, Meyer, T, Özdenizci, O, Schölkopf, B, Ball, T, Grosse-Wentrup, M
      Causal interpretation rules for encoding and decoding models in neuroimaging.
      2015 Neuroimage, volume: 110, pages: 48 - 59

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    • Leukel C, Taube W, Rittweger J, Gollhofer A, Ducos M, Weber T, Lundbye-Jensen J
      Changes in corticospinal transmission following 8 weeks of ankle joint immobilization
      2015 Clin Neurophysiol, volume: 126, issue: 1, pages: 131 - 139

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    • Jovanovic S, Hertz J, Rotter S
      Cumulants of Hawkes point processes.
      2015 Phys Rev E, volume: 91, issue: 4, pages: 042802 - 042802
    • Lagzi F, Rotter S
      Dynamics of Competition between Subnetworks of Spiking Neuronal Networks in the Balanced State.
      2015 Plos One, volume: 10, issue: 9, pages: e0138947 - e0138947
    • Donos, C, Dümpelmann, M, Schulze-Bonhage, A
      Early Seizure Detection Algorithm Based on Intracranial EEG and Random Forest Classification.
      2015 Int J Neural Syst, volume: 25, issue: 5, page: 1550023

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    • Mengiste SA, Aertsen A, Kumar A
      Effect of edge pruning on structural controllability and observability of complex networks.
      2015 Sci Rep-uk, volume: 5, pages: 18145 - 18145
    • Sadeh S, Clopath C, Rotter S
      Emergence of Functional Specificity in Balanced Networks with Synaptic Plasticity.
      2015 Plos Comput Biol, volume: 11, issue: 6, pages: e1004307 - e1004307
    • Soekadar SR, Witkowski M, Birbaumer N, Cohen LG
      Enhancing Hebbian Learning to Control Brain Oscillatory Activity.
      2015 Cereb Cortex, volume: 25, issue: 9, pages: 2409 - 2415
    • Bauer, R, Gharabaghi, A
      Estimating cognitive load during self-regulation of brain activity and neurofeedback with therapeutic brain-computer interfaces.
      2015 Front Behav Neurosci, volume: 9, page: 21
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    • Bahuguna J, Aertsen A, Kumar A
      Existence and Control of Go/No-Go Decision Transition Threshold in the Striatum.
      2015 Plos Comput Biol, volume: 11, issue: 4, pages: e1004233 - e1004233

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    • Winkelmann, A, You, X, Grünewald, N, Häussler, U, Krestel, H, Haas, C, Schwarz, G, Chen, W, Meier, J
      Identification of a new genomic hot spot of evolutionary diversification of protein function.
      2015 PLOS One, volume: 10, issue: 5

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    • Leukel C, Gollhofer A, Taube W
      In Experts, underlying processes that drive visuomotor adaptation are different than in Novices
      2015 Front Hum Neurosci, volume: 9, issue: 50, pages: 1 - 10

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    • Hornig, T.; Haas, C.; Sturm, L.;, Fiebich, B. & Tebartz van Elst, L.
      Increased Blood-Reelin-Levels in First Episode Schizophrenia
      2015 Plos One, volume: 10, issue: 11, pages: 1 - 11

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    • Laske C, Sohrabi HR, Frost SM, Lopez-de-Ipina K, Garrard P, Buscema M, Dauwels J, Soekadar SR, Mueller S, Linnemann C, Bridenbaugh SA, Kanagasingam Y, Martins RN, O'Bryant SE
      Innovative diagnostic tools for early detection of Alzheimer's disease.
      2015 Alzheimers Dement, volume: 11, issue: 5, pages: 561 - 578
    • Stitt I, Galindo-Leon E, Pieper F, Engler G, Fiedler E, Stieglitz T, Engel AK
      Intrinsic coupling modes reveal the functional architecture of cortico-tectal networks.
      2015 Sci Adv, volume: 1, issue: 7, page: 1500229.

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    • Lahr J, Schwartz C, Heimbach B, Aertsen A, Rickert J, Ball T
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      Download file
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      Download file
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      Download file
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      Download file
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    Years: 2011 | 2007
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      Years: 2013 | 2010
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        • Suhrkamp, page: 215
          Zwischen Mensch und Maschine - Vom Glück und Unglück des Homo faber
          ISBN: 978-3-518-26029-6
          Müller O

        Book chapters

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          Years: 2009
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            • Birbaumer N
              Neurobiologie der Willensfreiheit: Die Freiheiten des Gehirns
              2009 Die 3. Carinthischen Dialoge 2009 auf Schloss Bach
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            Conference papers

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              • Spüler M, Rosenstiel W, Bogdan M
                Co-adaptivity in Unsupervised Adaptive Brain-Computer Interfacing: a Simulation Approach
                2012 COGNITIVE 2012 : The Fourth International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications IARIA, volume: 1, pages: 115 - 121
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              • Somerlik K, Cosandier-Rimélé D, Cordeiro J, Krüger T, Mattmüller R, Stieglitz T, Aertsen A, Schulze-Bonhage A
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                2011 Proceedings of 19th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks (ESANN 2011), volume: 1, pages: 405 - 410
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