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Project start for Interneuron – Successful bid from the Bernstein Center Freiburg for EU Interreg funding to strengthen cross-border cooperation in the field of neuroscience


Alongside the neuroscientific network Neurex, as coordinator, and LabEx Medalis from the University of Strasbourg, the Bernstein Center Freiburg was able to win over the jury during the latest call of the EU-Interreg V program Oberrhein 2014-2020. The EU will support the new "Interneuron" project for a period of three years with almost one million Euro from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Interneuron aims to strengthen cross-border cooperation in the field of neurosciences and neurotechnology in the Upper Rhine region.

The battle against psychiatric and neurological diseases has become a major challenge in the 21st century. The Upper Rhine region is home to all the main players in the area of neuroscience. But there are gaps in the cooperation between research, healthcare and industry and there is still not enough mutual exchange from basic research through to therapeutic development in the field of neurological diseases.

"The advantages and synergies that cross-border cooperation offers are undeniable," says Prof. em. Dr. Ad Aertsen, member of the scientific board of Neurex and founding director of the Bernstein Center Freiburg. "Nevertheless, interaction between companies and research remains limited yet. By working more closely together they would be able to improve the innovative strength and international competitiveness of the entire Upper Rhine region.


With more than 20 partners in Freiburg, Strasbourg and Basel, the group based around Neurex now want to close this gap with the "Interneuron" project. The aim is to focus more intensively on the transfer of technology and knowledge between science, healthcare and industry. There will be a particular focus on trying to integrate industrial players more structurally into the existing Neurex network.

The project partners of Neurex and Interneuron are convinced that a more intense and structured exchange of expert knowledge is urgently required. A closer cooperation between research, industry, hospitals and general practitioners is vital to improve medical therapies in the field of psychiatric and neurological diseases in the long term. This affects the development of drugs and biomedical products as well as the provision of scientific and clinical laboratories with the latest technology or the treatments of general practitioners and specialist staff in hospitals, just to name a few examples.

In order to promote this cross-border transfer of knowledge, joint specialist group meetings, round tables and further training courses are planned. The Bernstein Center will participate in these activities as an important project partner from Freiburg and thus continue the work already carried out within the framework of the NeuroCampus project but with new priorities.


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