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The BCF was originally conceived and set up based on several major collaborative research projects funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). These projects, awarded within the framework of the “Bernstein Program”, have provided funding for research, administration, training programs, infrastructure and outreach activities, and this has created the background and environment for numerous smaller and major follow-up projects.

From 2015 to 2020, the Carl Zeiss Foundation has been funding most of our administration, infrastructure and outreach work.


Current Projects

NIMA | Non-invasive Interface for Movement Augmentation


Period: 2019 - 2022
Funding: EU Interreg | European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


: 2018 -
Funding: Volkswagenstiftung


Completed Projects

Carl Zeiss Foundation
BrainLinks BrainTools
Bernstein Center Freiburg | PhD Program BrainDisc
TIGER |  Trinationale Initiative Gehirnerkrankungen
NeuroTime - EU Erasmus Mundus

NeuroTIME – Neural Processing of Time

Period: 2011 - 2019
Funding: EU – Erasmus Mundus

EuroSPIN - EU Erasmus Mundus

EuroSPIN – European Study Program in Neuroinformatics

Period: 2010 - 2017
Funding: EU – Erasmus Mundus